Royalty in Benarasi

Benarasi Silk Sarees are one of the stunning ethnic-wears that Indian women love. It is considered a promising saree, traditionally woven with gold zari and highly regarded at Indian weddings. These sarees are the perfect choice for brides who want a regal elegance look. The perfect wedding dress for all those who want to be a fashionista like the neighbour next door gets hold of the stunning Benarasi Silk Saree.

The Benarasi silk saree is one of the perfect choices for ceremonies, celebrations and wedding occasions where elegant traditional dress is essential. Sarees look amazing especially when the bride is adorned with jasmine blossoms and jewellery that are indispensable for an Indian wedding regardless of religion.

Benarasi Sarees are known primarily for their exquisite optical extravagance and elaborate designs embroidered exclusively on it. The Mughal-inspired designs of intertwined floral leaf motifs and the jhallar, which is known as outer borders - are among one of the features of this saree. Indian designs, including some Persian designs are also made to create a unique style that is still used in Sarees today.

The special feature of this saree is the embroidery on the outer edges and as well as on the inner edges. Mothers drape their daughters in Benarasi Saree when it comes to their wedding ceremony. And as Red is the color of love and passion, so this colour becomes one of the most selected colors for Benarasi Sarees that any bride would love to see herself in.

On my trip to Varanasi I had the opportunity to visit the best of boonkars of Varanasi and see how the Banarasi silk sarees are made. If you want to do it like mothers do, you can give your daughter a good quality saree, which is the perfect way to keep up with the best Saree quality.